Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sarah and Sean get Married!

This was a picture out the window as we flew down to Dallas for Sarah and Sean's wedding. I couldn't have gotten a luckier shot! It was Giselle's first time on a plane, and she did remarkably well riding the almost 4 hours in our laps... Anais did excellent. She is so enamored with travelling - she might even end up catching that travel bug from her mommy!

We had lots of help getting the girls ready! Anais and Giselle both loved the extra love and attention from their aunts and the rest of our families while we were there. Francois and I sang The Prayer for the wedding - and everything went great. I was sick and Francois voice has been overworked at the Army, but we managed to pull it off unscathed!

Sarah was a beautiful bride, and we had a good time just visiting with family and friends.
This might also be my favorite picture of my dad of all time. I think he was just relieved he has finally finished doing his daddy duties of giving us all away!

The reception was the next day and we had fun cutting it up casually!

After all was done, we also got to hang out with some of our good friends from Dallas. This picture is Francois with the girls and Bryan Bannister, our good friend for over a decade. You know, good friends only get better with time!

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Katie said...

What a gorgeous family pic!!